The Sense Think Act Podcast Turns One!

2022-08-24 · 0:01:18

We've made it one year - thank you to our supporters!




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(0:00:03) Audrow Nash

I'm happy to announce this week is our one year anniversary for the Sense Think Act Podcast. During this year, we've had 23 episodes and had about 53,000 downloads. I'm humbled and honored that we've reached so many people. I've also loved the opportunity to have longer conversations with great people through this podcast. I love seeing how they think and what they're thinking about, which I think this longer format lets me do. And I'm happy that I get to share these conversations with you all and hope that you enjoy them and find them valuable as much as I do. All that to say, we're just getting started. I'm excited about our upcoming episodes, including an interview with Nvidia, on hardware acceleration and machine learning, Esper Bionics on prosthetic devices, and Plus One Robotics, on exception handling in the warehouse setting. Look for these interviews in the coming months. If you're enjoying this podcast, I'd be happy if you give it a thumbs up or leave us a review depending on which platform you're on. And a big thanks to Open Robotics who has been sponsoring this podcast. That's all for now. And I look forward to our next year.