Sense Think Act

Robotics Podcast

A long-form, technical podcast about all areas of robotics that is hosted by Audrow Nash and sponsored by Open Robotics.

One way to think about a robot is as a machine that senses the world, thinks about what it sees, and then acts in the world. Our podcast seeks to explore the world of robotics - that is, machines that sense, think, and act - through long-form interviews. We’ll cover a diverse range of topics: from hardware to software, from design to ethics, and from government to startups, and everything in between. Also, we want to make this podcast accessible to anyone interested in robotics. To do this, we’ll explain each new concept in the interview as it comes up, to help roboticists and non roboticists alike to follow and enjoy our content. We hope you enjoy exploring the world of machines that sense, think, and act with us!

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