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1. Fetch from startup to exit, with Melonee Wise

In this episode, Audrow Nash speaks with Melonee Wise, former CEO of Fetch Robotics and current VP of Robotics Automation at Zebra Technologies. Melonee speaks about the origin of Fetch Robotics, her experience at Willow Garage, her experience being acquired by Zebra Technologies, challenges in the warehouse setting, on autonomous cars, and on the future of robotics.

2021-08-24 · 1:10:50

8. Flying in Warehouses, Inventory, and Fleet Management, with Disha Sarawgi and Mohammed Kabir

In this episode, Audrow Nash speaks to Disha Sarawgi and Mohammed Kabir, who are Corvus Robotics’s Head of Special Projects, and Co-founder and CTO, respectively. Corvus makes a robotic drone for warehouse inventory management, which may greatly reduce inventory loss. They speak about flying their drone in warehouses, working with customers, safety, fleet management, how Corvus is funded, and they give advice to aspiring entrepreneurs.

2021-11-30 · 0:56:51