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12. Accelerating Industrial Workflows with Open Source, with Matt Robinson

In this episode, Audrow Nash speaks to Matt Robinson, Program Manager for ROS-Industrial Americas at the Southwest Research Institute. ROS Industrial is a group that seeks to help industrial users, for example factories, leverage ROS and its ecosystem. In this conversation, they talk about Matt’s background, the need for the ROS-Industrial group and what problems they’re working to solve, ROS-Industrial’s consortium, and ROS-Industrial’s new working group.

2022-01-25 · 1:27:32

13. Open Source Robot Navigation, with Steve Macenski

In this episode, Audrow Nash speaks to Steve Macenski, who is the Open Source Robotics Engineering Lead at Samsung Research America. Steve leads the Nav2 project, which is an open source robot navigation framework. In this conversation, they talk about the problem and challenges of robot navigation, how Nav2 works at a high level, hybrid planners, and about Steve’s experience working with the Nav2 community.

2022-02-08 · 1:25:58

31. Production-ready Robotics: How to Move Fast and Not Destroy Your Robot, with Andreas Bihlmaier

In this episode of the Sense Think Act Podcast, we are joined by Andreas Bihlmaier, Head of Robotics Software Architecture at Intrinsic, for an in-depth discussion on the future of robotics. We explore a range of topics, including the development of adaptive robotics software, the potential of cloud robotics, the concept of robot app stores, and the challenges of testing robots in real-world production environments. Throughout the conversation, Andreas shares his expert insights and sheds light on the innovative technologies that are shaping the next generation of robotics. Tune in to gain valuable knowledge from one of the industry's foremost...

2023-04-14 · 1:48:06